Beautiful noodles.


Apr 15, 2014
@ 9:31 am
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on Cape Revolution, old clark, who they call the squid, does a billy take. there in the tull twilight underwater, the record of the night forms a pontiac bluebird. A politic twist to the underscore; there’s the sound, and billy takes the cash; an energy stemming from old empty space.


Apr 14, 2014
@ 7:15 pm
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just keep walking
toward the sound
of your own voice


Apr 14, 2014
@ 3:51 pm
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pour your anatomy
into my early hands

everyday hands
pearly anatomy

if only time would talk about
proteus morgan

firebeating, heartbreathing
lighthouse mature

there are second thoughts,
and there are 7 second thoughts

enchanted headphones
preparing to rise and walk this easter

the flies, they said,
are taking her to heaven
a little bit at a time

oklahoma is quaking not because
of fracking: it is loosening itself


Apr 14, 2014
@ 8:29 am
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firebreathing tweets

I wrote tweets
on paper, handed them
to birds, who took
them and feathered
them into their nests
the resultant chicks born
with all the know
ledge of the tweets, so
slightly wiser, more s

I wrote calming tweets
on a calming worm, put
him in the ground
he tickled the roots
of the trees, congress
with the nematodes, vice
of the soil, soothed
the lonely stones and th
e stonely lones

I wrote incendiary tw
eets on the flames them
selves, and let them just
burn their madness into
the firebreathing stones


Apr 14, 2014
@ 8:23 am
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time, miami distance
I lift my ancient hands to the sun
I lift my illicit hands to the ancient sun
taken with the constant malaria of travel


Apr 14, 2014
@ 1:07 am
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wet family boys

boys who were in wet families
can relate to each other
if you were the head of a wet family
among siblings of cheese
among siblings who hibernated
who cocooned in their neuroses
and hate you for your outgoing nature
your seeming ease in outer relations

a child’s been stolen from skeletons
from those of a bag lady
the tokens of a bag lady

a boy raised by bees
by the bees who buzzed the white flowers on the lawn
you remember your first sting?
or the brain swelling disease that you had
as you navigated the hellish road to survival
knowing in your dreams what lay ahead?


Apr 13, 2014
@ 11:13 am
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the essential truth

I realized the essential truth of ships
I realized the essential truth of hercules
I realized the fossil truth of ships
somehow lost even the gibberish

insolence gibberish
formed underwear radio
twisted not trusted partners!
the umpire in jumpsuit in pursuit

republicans on earth day
members in trainingmass
the first humans spread out to fill
the iron sky

Having realized the essential truth of things
I ran in here to type it but fingers were on
the wrong keys and one command turned
the computer off, losing everything


Apr 13, 2014
@ 11:08 am
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the best revenge

he wrote a story using all the names
of his childhood bullies, and inflicting
upon them a multitudinous variety of
nourishing and soothing outcomes,
having long since recognized that the
source of their anger and violence was at
the very least not a happy one.


Apr 12, 2014
@ 8:50 am
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on nobody road

stolen from outer space
a youth without sloths
a boy raised by bees

acts of mysterious empathy
mother-haired to the window
in the country of long wiggly words

down on nobody road
there are things that
only the hitchhikers understand


Apr 12, 2014
@ 8:14 am
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skeleton bread

if you are going to live in a house with toads
on the bionic doll stage
break the viaduct and ask the name of your craft

the u.s. department of chlorinated water in your nose
in a barbie erotic summer, smiled at
the old sub-achievers
in their rotten basements

you can’t build a country on
bread that’s been stolen from skeletons

in this game of loose emblems
they are destroying communism to death
do you not see, skeletons of the deleterious?