Beautiful noodles.


Jul 23, 2014
@ 10:07 am
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son of a chrysalis

The son of a car and a skillet. Holidays and hangovers, yellow and blue colds and skills.

Bringing new blows to Biarritz. The harmless season is over, now it all really counts.

To alleviate the yellow gods, warm on all counts. It’s just not about angels on the marigolds no more.

The son of the the yellow marigolds by the lake, the yellow marigold gods, angel and chrysalis.

Son of a debauchery in a blinding light. Son of a chrysalis in a late evening light. Son of a chrysalis in a cold morning light.


Jul 22, 2014
@ 11:10 am
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fall swirl america

disruption sleeps
alone under heaven
protected by its agents
disruption’s imps
slaves and agents
protection’s pimps

this voice, this vox, this vortex, from it swirls america
from it swirls heaven, and all its agents
like jazz was still falling
what the world knows as news
as inside fall you
as fall finds you alone

tesla dies alone
tesla designs alone
on plain of the rangers
brother well below then

jeff’s translucent foes
fun with my marbles
disruption falls
disruption creates
falling leaves also swirl america


Jul 21, 2014
@ 4:22 pm
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smile line baby hips
loyal astronomy
on the harpoon line

we painted scenery for a long time
dramatic unexploded
take the letter by the horns

we woke up in the middle of your life
saying fancy things to one
believing in the UPS

unusual nelsons of the wind
the fresh flying squadrons
engineered to think faster and faster


Jul 20, 2014
@ 11:49 am
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the rose toil club

haslam sophisticates
to aid neat cunning ear
talladega paintrub

neat and sleepy
bad at the bunny club
burning mildly, the lousy clouds

doug bean remembrance
cunningly sarong
aid neat toil people

the rosy to the lousy clouds
the resemblance to the lousy clouds
the littered surf, the flash and flecked littered surf
incalculable of maliase


Jul 19, 2014
@ 9:57 am
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the leaf

one created a danger cruise

like the black of your hand

counting the cost of intelligence cocaine

circulate your corner
with the mind containing the television

the story of how the world came to be is lacking

found wandering around
in the hive of your vaults

imagine the leaf,
four thousand feet deep

whew world
is different now
pure cunning

deep down we all feel we have a uniquely true conception of the world.

imagine the currents in your mind
four thousand feet deep.


Jul 18, 2014
@ 10:42 am
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3 inventors

1. The inventor of the comma. Jealously guarded his invention. This threatened to squelch creativity in the early days, so Gutenberg had him assassinated.

2. The inventor of the speed of light. I’d love to find him and pay him homage, but he can never be directly experienced.

3. The inventor of laughter. Aziz al-Haha. Old women threw the sign of the evil eye when they heard his braying. The donkeys smiled with recognition. Young swells fingered their daggers menacingly, then chased him through the alleys of the city. Then Aziz slipped on a banana peel, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Jul 17, 2014
@ 8:07 am
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geomorphology of the night
when the moon was helium
we shadowed him through furrowed seas
the moonlight of ten thousand sheep
the slow pumpkin of the mind’s eye
we put an evolutionary trace on him
and followed through a million years
the slime of summer arrived
oozed up from a morning beach
circumstantial understanding
a veto in the mind’s eye, but did you know
you can evolve into almost anything


Jul 16, 2014
@ 11:26 pm
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hymen angel
the next of all roman space
winden shot


stop hudson
paisley slammers
paisley lugano

slime amateurs
miles of slime amateurs

unfiltered susan

all the little lights you seek
ran animal wrapped
ran upside into a large container

corporation rhythm angel

the colors of the neverwork
tantamount followers

tension in sheets
tension sheets
aural cafeteria

hymen your angel thoughts
parsley slammers
hymn your angel hymen


Jul 15, 2014
@ 7:49 pm
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emerson remains

flaptured bibliomancy
inxtreme thickets
navigable rivers
jackmancy intellision
memtal, degremtal

flapmancy hooligism
hooligram for nirsenancy
candygrasm for momgo
mondo impressed!


swim an incision in the water
knife your body into the body of water
human scalpel enjoy
your surgery upon the waters

human scalpel enjoin
enjoin unto you
humoy enjoy
enjoy engines

human emerson
human entrain
humam emjoim

"has he light?
he must bear witness
to the light.”

banana vernacular
on apennine ridges
on simian ridge
in sunset late

emerson enjoin
emersoin enjoin
emerson immersion
emerson remerson

are you in
the sunset ruin?
banana ruins
tremendous founder
the tremendous founder
breakfast birthplace
and the tremendous men

we linger in the ruins
of the old tent; but
we cannot stay in the ruins
and so we become tomorrow


Jul 14, 2014
@ 10:34 pm
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the muscle of us exactly

now finding finchley is our number one obsession
though we trick the universe into allowing us mass
we are a knot of tension on the muscle of reality
the universe prefers us not to exist; we tricked it

the muscle of us exactly
prefers not obsessions
torpedo the hoodbombing

tension scut us
swerved and swirled us
torpedo humming

peter finchley is our number one local mass
we’ll hoodwink the horse into allowing us mass
we are a knot of believers on the local horse
a nodule on this horseless galaxy