Beautiful noodles.


Sep 16, 2014
@ 9:30 pm
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autumn closet

rats days just
the other trip
bordered on the progressive
a sorry thing and his baby
promptly as with us
reassigned to someone
liberated commiserated
I didn’t yearly
I ran past a mouth
how cool to roll over yesterday
up the stairs to treat a west outside
tom in this won? in this woman?
go home with duncan?
racetrack santa barbara. sunset rees.
the dogs of old compositors
the guys had suggested
we drive out to his aunt’s
why should I be in the hotel room?
spacecraft in the closet?
baby’s in surgery
a rat and a woman outside
new york my closet?
but this is my familiar
roll over a mouth
yearning for an autumn mouth
autumn closet


Sep 15, 2014
@ 12:06 pm
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we sweet dogs

aluminum smelt
we sweet dogs of princess pass
we idle to the bone
and die ourselves enough
as snacks, careers
ditch comments
chewed curry


Sep 13, 2014
@ 12:19 pm
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we might survive only magnetically
future cocked, keep feeding fortune
feeling sunday levitation

that sudden high school imagining
a galaxy rising on an alien beach
isogenetically connected

mechanically isolated gods
quantum entangled with all
you will feel what we feel


Sep 12, 2014
@ 9:49 am
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the dream of red farmers

the rant of the red formless

the fallow of the red formless

what did old science tell you?

on vestige rock
vestige lays there

Vestige Lustig

this dawn of red farmers

a dream of red farmers


Sep 11, 2014
@ 6:00 pm
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this is not poetry

life’s not something to be perfected

with rules of behavior and guidelines

there’s no guarantee of longevity

long-term plans may come to nothing

the quality of every moment

is what is the richness of life

the quality of the present moment

is the only guarantee you have


Sep 11, 2014
@ 10:04 am
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lovers qualify

hazel dormant

harvest from the rugged garden

vapid vaporpoint
lucy on vaporpoint to the rugged man

hazel of the rugged domain

traffic on the panama curve

kudos on your whackassery

world’s largest chemical warlock

mail order backyard

puzzling saucers
the world’s largest ceramic vagina

we snorted assorted powders
then rode out to erect the world

slamdock carnauba
as lovers qualify
season of the weasel
in training world
lovers quality


Sep 9, 2014
@ 10:28 am
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the zeroes of a lazy league
since we all use the breeze
blossom closely the lake


Sep 8, 2014
@ 11:31 am
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eight carefully chosen words

pimps of the supernorth
and old goldfinger would get the blame

you, under a glooming cloud
are you a monkey in space?

surrender the bench
with perfect healing poewr

you could stand there in the sun,
the winking sun low in the sky in
the winter, watching the puddle ripple
and the field blow.

they say the burning need to be
read and famous. how many texts
must I suck my eyes? daily?

we’ll sell our homes and cars and gold
for eight carefully chosen words
distributed by the Supernarch

cross-legged in the spring mud
our hair plastered cold, we
are dripping, and smiling.


Sep 7, 2014
@ 9:25 am
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a rack of burds

a book has done these things.
they make excellent folder for birds
a woman covered it, a white tablecloth
a rack of burds and a cleptomaniac

diatomaceous emblems
everybody has a kleptomaniac living inside them

to be stoic on mars

a chocolate-covered kleptomaniac

we are all of oil
vaseline gazelles

they laughed in a world of teas

darrell of the future
carolina flowchildren
the chocolate warming pan
venus is your fishing ground

Carolyn Rosenstock
in a world of time
some thalassic venus
some venusian evening


Sep 6, 2014
@ 9:29 am
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in outer age, in ships
in service space
I saw a road of ego
they took our bikes away
after the earthquakes
at the rim of the morning
a train of mystic goo
motion by the river
and there was watercraft as well
we will mix the decks
the flavor of justice, of juice
imbalance us his mind