Beautiful noodles.


Aug 22, 2014
@ 12:21 am
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rose blanket afternoon

rose blanket afternoon.
this is where the engines come.
I am a husk.
the stink of deeds unborn
a glance to the bullet courtyard
afternoon of our changing moon


Aug 19, 2014
@ 11:04 am
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It’s a typical night. And a fucking bomb goes off in your head

A Simple Voodoo Hex Using Common Household Items

When it happened with me back in 1987 I thought maybe I was going crazy

I was greeted by a little person my mom had hired from an adult entertainment agency

Straight up…


Aug 18, 2014
@ 10:08 pm
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bankrupt as the dust
the god and heart of screenwriting
a vast union of fuckers

put on your monday pants
in this guest room of dust
and summon loquacious nonsense


Aug 17, 2014
@ 11:25 am
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melts right off

distilling soul
from the flowery stones

will the winner of the last wind
please step into space?

years, and fat
melt right off


Aug 16, 2014
@ 11:39 am
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feeling lissome most ghostly mornings
neighbor in bikinis, a whole universe
of aboriginal sunshine, imperfectly in
hiawatha, a kind of national thing,
populated by spectres and shuddering
monsters, alluded to in northern forests

you cannot damn your sorrows, fleet, they
disappear into the lame brother. when the
wax bikinis flow, sobriety becomes your
engine, don’t look too closely down the
ramp to kalamazoo, sister, a storm of
rue is coming here, balancing the king

this shuddering fleet left sparrows for
you to fall in with curly brother. mana-
ging frankenstein gets you a better batch
of butter, for the hectors who are your
dakota generals. tomorrow morning, they
will be sober again for you. kalamazoo.


Aug 15, 2014
@ 11:01 am
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alabama bean songs

for me and you to empty the rain, you knew he was in league with the hitchhiking squad.

sang they alabama bean songs, without any real conviction. a mare on sundays. curlew on parlorday.

when unsung forms a secret swarm. singing hung with the heroes of another league. to calculate elementary synthesis through the impending rain of leverage.


Aug 14, 2014
@ 9:38 am
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I like to write intelligible if boring poems then rewrite them as riffed nonsense. Then destroy the initial poems leaving only the nonsense. Apparently I also like using no punctuation but the trusty period.

nonsense rifted
training poems
destroy initial
particle punctuation
intelligible ritual
intelligible nonsense
the trusty poems
leaving only the insane


Aug 12, 2014
@ 9:39 pm
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is there life after birth?

the orthopedic squadrons

the old forks home

appalachian schoolgirl

thunder in london

the nooses of yolanda decker

sweatin’ like a knife

is there life after birth?

their realities are my dreams


Aug 12, 2014
@ 9:20 pm
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pass the electric hat
for our newest ghosts


Aug 11, 2014
@ 12:08 pm
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the last

diversify, they said
but he’s refused
his world of rusted tracks
magnesium trains
rents are low
the mayor’s the mechanic
faded as dungarees
the sky’s white dust
the horizon knocked flat
and abominably vast
the boxes bleached
window jade and white
the last blockbuster
in texas