Beautiful noodles.


Oct 21, 2014
@ 1:17 pm
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extensive flagwaving

extensive flagwaving
pussy anderson
remove the curve

sister shaving
sister church
pentecostal chemicals

beware the secret garden
tiny brunettes
global brokeback

smoke the curve
floss tower
levitation photography
graysun gritness

beneath the wharf
on Stair Way

trerrestrial loaded
bacchanal radio
disco strawberry
extensive flaggnawing


Oct 19, 2014
@ 12:08 pm
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vanished oceans

there are no less than 18 extinct oceans.
oceans. that were there for millions of years.
and you don’t even know their names.

it is possible to be hugely popular and still
a failure, and to be completely obscure, yet
a huge success. we know nothing but meaning.

the land was nothing but slats. winter creates
panes of glass that shatter on the rivers and
who’s to say we did not learn of windows this way

the measures that matter are private, unwritten
so even if you died alone with drugs in your blood
once you were the king of booze and strippers

50 million years and you would have said, This will
last forever! and you would be totally justifed
but now the oceans have closed, and crops grow there

how many lovers kissed, looking at the shining waters
of extinct seas and hoped, they will remember us,
long into the future? oh, exotic apes, we do, we do


Oct 17, 2014
@ 11:25 am
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lux perpetua

Lux Perpetua
Corn Queen of the carnival
took me by the culvert
down the old country graveyard
we made it on an old lady’s grave
woke up to the sound of the Green Train
apple tree in the old morning dew
they say the Lanternman roams these hills
but then again he roams all hills


Oct 15, 2014
@ 11:10 am
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devil’s nameyard

we were tended a forward containment bell in the mercury yard.

they launched a foreign counter-conclusion to the hive mind.

the devil never had a nameyard.


Oct 14, 2014
@ 11:03 am
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when the antique setting sun golds
the hills like a setting out of carnal
history, when the dust rises over griffith
park and you just about get into a fistfight
with bernard, when they swallow college whole
and spit you into the working force, and lose
your atmosphere like some piss-poor dwarf planet,
then easy and abundant cocaine comes to your
rescue ask genesis they will tell you


Oct 13, 2014
@ 8:55 pm
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(Pure Kindle suggested words — first, the middle selection, then the right hand selection, then the left hand selection)


Oct 13, 2014
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jimmy microslack

the trick is slack
wandering in love and school
jimmy microslack
today’s slack is old love school
spring worm
objects on the brink
diane dancing
dan dancing
dan and diane dancing
mrs. praymouth
cerbvical track
lakeroad dwindles
happy supervisor


Oct 12, 2014
@ 10:35 am
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reptilian assassins of the cretaceous

how many lovers killed staring at exotic apes those old lambent golden gases of the skies extinct vistas killed screaming all those old assassins, mystery assassins, reptilian assassins.

the dinosaurs formed bands of reptilian assassins, determined to keep mammals from gaining control over the earth. they wore heated suits to protect them in the theremin snows and ice ages. the truckled through the cradged snow in search of the winter lairs of warmbloods. but then: love. the starcrossed fled on a dangerous and labrynthine odyssey through the many dangers of the old planet.

the land shaketh itself. oh you girls of the fourth water. the slats of the carefully blind. the misstriated plane.

in we search of theremin snows
and exotic apes old lambent snows

ibn vales of the blind nystic dot a caesura
a slide of fourth water seas trudged at a

and gemini we need wild old snows even the
reptoassassins found themselves smiling

as the giant sphere fell from the sky
fiery sperm from plasma space

it hit what is now yucatan but then was not
and erased all trace of their assassins guild

when all trace was gold
the skretch of the human spane


Oct 11, 2014
@ 1:28 pm
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to improve our dog in college, an avenue in the shape of a destruction

never mind the crying, in the moon o’nights

yet hold onto adventures of other design


Oct 9, 2014
@ 11:40 am
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disaster from a plane
from the planet that everyone built

a smile flying like a kite
a smile impenetrable as a cow

oh, that broken cliff of reincarnation
raiders on the cliff to transmigration

they charted the shape of the universe
and it was in the shape of a smile