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Mar 10, 2013
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thrilling tales of the dow jones

thrilling tales of the dow jones

terminatored to the sunset
tethered to the sunset
the spy and the meadowlark
the maiden and the meadowlark

planetary christians
the downlark
and the metered sunset
sunset christians
casting longish shadows

mink chapters
planetary charlatans
charlatans of the harmattan
thrilling tales of the down jones

nautical grow
harlot patrol

clearly divorce
planetary salvation
the wicked playlist
planetary satan
divorce satanist
thrilling animal splints

it’s an urban myth
it’s a uranian myth
they tell them on Uranus a lot, myths
myths, legends, tall tales
thrilling tales of the dow jones patrol

grow tall pieces
and long tails
the tall tales of the nephilim
april tall legends
charlotte nephilim
in the triangle

throwing animal spheres
into the thrilling massives
ursana a lot, myths, titania
oberon and parthenides
eumeneides, mithridates
he died old, remember

girls with fresh eyes
christian mink
planetary terminators
dividing day and light

thrilling tales of a record dow jones
dividing day and light

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